Using installer
  1. Right click on setup.exe, click "Save target as...," save to your desktop
  2. Double click installer, click Yes, follow installation wizard
  3. crop_all.bat will be placed on your desktop, save it to use for batch conversion

Note: for this installer to download the FFmpeg your computer must be connected to the internet. Some firewalls and antivirus programs may prevent this program from working. You can also try the Installation (by hand) below. Once finished, there won't be a listing for ffmpeg under Programs, as it is a command line only tool.

By hand
  1. Download either the 64-bit version or 32 bit version version, depending on your OS (if you don't know, use 32-bit)
  2. Open file using the free tool 7-zip
  3. In the unzipped folder you will find a subfolder named "bin" - open this folder
  4. Extract ffmpeg.exe to c:\windows\
  5. Right click on crop_all.bat click "Save target as...," save to your desktop

Ben C. Smith, MD, FACEP